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Yogcar – your mindful driving companion: a new app for iPhone

Yogcar is an audio app for drivers that provides guidance for safe subtle movements and positive messages inspired by yoga and mindfulness.

ADELAIDE, Australia, 4 June 2017

Australian app developer, Sopht Planet, announces the launch of its new app, Yogcar.

Yogcar provides spoken word content with musical backings and interludes to deliver ‘Yogcar sessions’ – an ever-changing stream of mindfulness messages, safe and gentle yoga based movement and subtle non-obtrusive safety messaging.

YOGCAR’S MISSION: Improve road safety and the psychological and physical well-being of drivers using principles from yoga and mindfulness.

Many drivers are faced with long daily commutes in their cars and, particularly in peak hour traffic, many people find commuting stressful and uncomfortable and regard commute time as lost time. Yogcar aims to change all that. With subtle gentle movement and positive mindful messaging drive time is live time.

Yogcar uses proprietary Dynamic Session Composition (DSC) technology to create Yogcar sessions on the fly from a repository of content files. Users can configure the sessions according to a wide range of variables including ‘body focus’. Sore neck and stiff shoulders? Set Body Focus to ‘neck and shoulders’ and your dynamically generated Yogcar sessions will emphasise exercises for this part of your body.

Users are reminded that road safety is the main priority with frequent but non-obtrusive awareness and alertness reminders and ‘Safety tips’ is an important Yogcar content type.

Yogcar has been beta tested by drivers on the road. Typical user comments included:

I loved the flow and pace of Yogcar. I found it very easy to do the movements whilst driving. In fact, I felt a deeper connection to my driving experience.

Using Yogcar makes me aware of how much tension I hold in my body when driving, and how easily I can relax with gentle exercises while keeping my focus on the road.

I used the neck movements as I had a stiff neck. By the time I arrived at my destination I had improved range of movement.

Safety has been a primary concern in the development and testing of Yogcar. In relation to safety, beta testers said:

Through repeated gentle encouragements to maintain road focus, probably improved driving attentiveness.

I was still able to operate my car normally and exercise the usual amount of attention and safety.

I did not feel my safety or attention was compromised. I turned off the instruction in my head when I needed to, just like I do with listening to radio.

Yogcar requires iPhone 4S or later with up-to-date iOS. USD$4.99 at the Apple App Store. It’s a once-off price: no in app purchases, no subscription fees and no sign-up required.

Sopht Planet is a small Australian app development company with more apps in the pipeline looking for a global audience.



If you would like further information on Yogcar or if you would like to schedule an interview please contact:

Simon Molloy

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