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Latest Media Releases

  • Yogcar launch – your mindful driving companion: a new app for iPhone [view] [download]
  • The Yogcar App [view] [download]


  • The story of Yogcar or “whoever would have thought doing exercises in the car could be a thing” [view] [download]

Yogcar white papers

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Yogcar graphics




Download the yogcar graphics pack (zip file containing all logos, screenshots and images)[download]

Yogcar profile – about the app

Mission statement

YOGCAR’S MISSION: Improve road safety and the psychological and physical well-being of drivers using principles from yoga and mindfulness.


Yogcar is an audio app for drivers that provides guidance for safe subtle movements and positive messages inspired by yoga and mindfulness. Be more comfortable, more relaxed, and more focused while you drive.

Yogcar is an audio app designed for use by drivers. It is primarily made up of spoken word messages and instruction combined with background and interstitial music.

Users select a Yogcar session which provides a sequence of messages instruction and music designed to improve physical comfort via a series of movements based on yoga, and to promote heightened awareness and attention on the task of driving via mindful messaging.

Purpose and design intention

Yogcar is designed to make drivers more comfortable, more alert and safer. It achieves this via instruction on simple, gentle and safe movements that drivers can perform while driving and via frequent but unobtrusive attention reminders that keep drivers focused on traffic conditions around them while at the same time encouraging them to be relaxed and focused.


Yogcar is based on a technology called Dynamic Session Composition (DSC). DSC composes user sessions dynamically at runtime based on internal content ratings and probabilities combined with user settings.

DSC ensures that each Yogcar session is slightly different from the last, meaning that users are less likely to become overly familiar with the content and lose interest.

The DSC model also means that users can customise Yogcar sessions via a richly-featured settings section that enables them to set a range of parameters to suit their needs.

DSC also means that new content can be incorporated seamlessly into later versions of Yogcar.


During a Yogcar session the user will experience a sequence of Yogcar content of different types including Yogcar exercises,  ‘Mindful moments’, ‘Yogcar thoughts’ and ‘Yogcar safety tips’. The user can change the frequency of Yogcar content types in the Settings section.

The user can also change the lengths of your short, medium and long Yogcar sessions in this same section. To delay the start of your session to prepare for a journey the user can set a ‘Session prelude’ duration in the settings section.

From the Player screen the user can play a session. The Player screen is designed to require minimal interaction while driving.

If a user experiences a Yogcar session they particularly like, they will be able to find it on their ‘Recents’ screen where it will be timestamped. The user can rename this session and store it as a personal favorite.

From the Settings screen you can customise your Yogcar sessions by adjusting the settings of the various types of content.


Yogcar requires iPhone 4S or later with up-to-date iOS.


US$4.99 at the Apple App Store. It’s a once-off price: no in app purchases, no subscription fees and no sign-up required.

Yogcar promo video

Yogcar audio samples

To listen to a sample Yogcar session please play the audio below.

Yogcar session sample (forward shoulder roll) 
Yogcar session sample (mid back) 


Yogcar has been beta tested by drivers on the road. Typical user comments included (not all testimonials are attributed because some survey respondents did not leave their names):

I was very impressed with the bright, fun presentation of the app and with the rapid physical benefits of using Yogcar during my short daily drives. (Gillian)

Following the Yogcar instruction made me more aware of my body and the gentle movements I could make to relieve tension. I arrived at my destination feeling relatively refreshed.

A great alternative to listening to music while driving! (Isabel)

It’s awesome….😍has really changed my perspective on car travel and wasted travelling time opportunities. I’ve now turned my car into my active enlightening space and am alternating between yogcar and meditations. (Lisa)

I loved the flow and pace of Yogcar. I found it very easy to do the movements whilst driving.
In fact, I felt a deeper connection to my driving experience. (Anne)

After the neck exercises, I found it easier to turn my head when checking blind spots prior to changing lanes. (Nick M)

Using Yogcar makes me aware of how much tension I hold in my body when driving, and how easily I can relax with gentle exercises while keeping my focus on the road. (Nick C)

Cherise’s voice and the guitar are so awesome and calming and have magic ability to hold the car/pod capsule in an advanced kind of futuristic healing space. (Lisa again – she really liked the beta version!)

For more Yogcar resources or further information please contact us.